About our Images
The Sue Cunningham Photographic archive holds images from may parts of the world, which are covered from all aspects, from Industry to Indigenous People, and from Rainforests to Railways.
Our most comprehensive collections are on Brazil, Peru and other Latin American countries, but we also have in-depth collections on Africa and the whole of Europe, including Western, Central and Eastern European countries.

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About Us
Sue Cunningham grew up in Brazil. She has been a professional photographer for over twenty years, during which time she has travelled to many parts of the world.
Patrick Cunningham is a writer whose work has been published in many books and magazines. This enables us to provide complete features of words and images on a variety of consumer, trade and technical subjects.

Contact details:
Phone from the UK: 020 8541 3024
Phone from the Rest of the World: +44 20 8541 3024