If you already have a PhotoShelter user account, you do not need to register again to use this site. You can log in using your existing PhotoShelter user name and password.

If you do not have a PhotoShelter user account, click here to create one. The process is straightforward and will take just a few moments.


You can search for images using the Quick Search box at the top of any page. Simply enter keywords to search for images which contain all of the words entered.

You can carry out a more detailed search using more options by clicking on 'Search' in the menu at the top of any page. This takes you to the Advanced Search page, which has more instructions.

There are options to refine your search on the Search Results page. You can obtain a price to purchase an image for most uses by clicking on the Shopping Basket icon below the image, or you can add it to a lightbox by clicking the Lightbox icon.

If you click on the image thumbnail, a preview window will open with the caption and size information displayed. You can also purchase the image or add it to a lightbox frome the preview page.

You can dowload a 'comp' image from the preview window. The image will be watermarked for security purposes.


You can create as many lightboxes as you like, as long as you are logged in. You can use lightboxes to compare images from any PhotoShelter image supplier. Lightboxes you create in our website will be available whenever you log in to your PhotoShelter account, and lightboxes you create while using the PhotoShelter site (or the site of any other image supplier which uses PhotoShelter) will be available while you are logged in to the Sue Cunningham Photographic site.

You can rate images in a lightbox using the stars below the image; once you have given an image a rating, you can reduce or increase it, but you cannot set it to zero. You can also click the 'x' to mark the image as rejected.

To purchase images from a lightbox, you must click on the image to open a larger preview, then click the 'Buy/License' button.


From time to time, we will create galleries containing pictures on a specific theme or event. The gallery display is similar to a Search Results page. You can add Gallery images to a lightbox, and you can purchase images from the Gallery display page or Gallery Preview page.

Purchasing Images

As you add each image to your shopping basket, you will be asked for information relating to its use, and you will see the price quoted. You can include images for different uses in the same basket.

We use PayPal to process all payments. Please refer to the information in our Privacy Policy for a more detailed explanation.

The automated system will provide you with a price for most uses. If the use you require is not listed in the automated system, it may not be available for that specific image. We do not allow all uses for all images; for example, we do not allow the use of images of indigenous people for any commercial or advertising purpose. If the use you require is not listed, please contact us by email, including as much information as possible about the intended use; we may be able to grant permission, depending on the details of use.

For immediate download, you must complete the on-line purchase process first. If you are purchasing a large number of images you are welcome to email us so that we can agree a single payment for all of the images, which may be more convenient.