Circle Stock
We are very excited to be part of this initiative. Circle Stock has been set up by a group of professional photographers to help picture researchers gain immediate access to our combined collection of images from all over the world. The site incorporates a powerful search facility, allowing you to search the entire archive from one place. Please visit



Sue Cunningham Photographic Website
Sue Cunningham Photographic is proud to announce the launch of our new e-commerce enabled website. The site has been developed in co-operation with PhotoShelter, who provide most of the functionality. We are confident that you will find it easy to use, enabling you to purchase lots of our amazing top-quality images with ease and confidence.
We have worked hard to make this a site you will want to bookmark and return to frequently. Most importantly, we have taken endless hours to ensure that all the images on our site are technically as good as possible, and we have worked to add comprehensive, accurate keywords to help you to find exactly what you are looking for.



Our Collections
We have a host of new images which were shot during the Heart of Brazil Expedition. We spent six months travelling the 2,500-km length of the Xingu River in the Brazilian Amazon. These are incredible historic images of 17 Indian tribes whose lives are threatened by the mainstream Brazilian culture and by so-called economic progress.
The expedition was a project of Indigenous People's Cultural Support Trust, a small charity of which we are trustees. For more information see and follow the links to Heart of Brazil News and Projects. We are now raising money to help protect the traditional culture and knowledge of the people we visited.